Lots of Vines…

Lots of vines and no tan lines! Wine tour fun with Donna and the girls!

2 thoughts on “Lots of Vines…”

  1. We depart YLW@ 06:00h DEC 29/19. We reside @ 1156 Mabel Lake Road, 12 km. East of the Enderby Bridge crossing the Shuswap River. Our normal departure time from our house is one and a half hours prior to the one hour (05:00h) checking time. This alows for parking and walk into the terminal. Please let us know if your service could pick us up ( 2, Diane and myself) and get us to YLW at the specified time and date. Please advise of p/u time and cost.
    Thank you,
    Les J Evans cell250-938-7033 email lese@telus.net

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